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If Natasja and Coco O had a daughter who had been sent to live in South America, it would be the sound of Kamill. Her appearance is feminine and unapologetic, and her lyrics express an unfailing optimism. With tunes that spark joy and rhythms that bring life, Kamill will have Danes dancing, laughing, crying and kissing a little more than they are right now.

Kamill is rebellious in her lyrics, music and visual expression, and is not afraid to break the norms, especially when it comes to expectations of women. The aim of Kamill's music and the rest of the project is to touch people who aren't always represented in the Danish music scene.

With her debut single, 'Sådan her', she really took the Danish music industry by storm and intends to continue her musical journey by being 100% herself without compromising her values and expression. With the help of Jonas Risvig, Kamill created the music video for her debut single 'Sådan der', where she showed that she can move people's emotions with an eternal lightness and liveliness, and let her universe resonate in the party-loving young souls.

After KarriereKanonen 2023, Kamill is ready to take over Denmark with an attitude that is impossible to ignore. This summer you can see Kamill play in Byhaven, at Vig festival and Carpark festival.


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