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Carrie’s Going Out is a varying series of events aiming to collaborate and work for a more sustainable future in the music industry and its surrounding community.

"Our purpose is to be the voice of youth and act as a contrast to an overly fast, hard, sharp and capitalist music and culture industry. We want to create a cross-aesthetic platform for emerging artists and culture creators, working from a manifesto focused on mental wellbeing, anti-discrimination and community. We have a responsibility for each other, our society and the earth we live on."

"We aim to create events that will start constructive conversations and inspire and encourage young people to take ownership of societal crises in a motivating and empowering way - that doesn't put an end to creativity and freedom of expression. We want to rethink and challenge the traditional structures and produce alternatives to current patterns of action and production that reproduce negative currents that harms one another and our climate. "

"With our events, we want to create an evolving platform that leaves its mark on the culture and society around us - but also inspires even more youth initiatives. We believe that art and culture is a crucial factor in societal change - and that we can influence it from the bottom up, when it is too slow to take responsibility from the top. And that one day we might not have to think of it as up and down, but simply equal."

The team running Carrie’s Going Out is made up of Astrid Hald, Andrea Sode Dam, Josephine Craig and Tilde Margrethe Overbeck Christensen. 

If you want to collaborate, have an amazing idea or are interested in contributing to our cute community - please contact us at


alt andet x Carrie’s Going Out 

We did a takeover at out favorite music blog “alt andet”! 

Get to know us better and read about our recommendations here:



Sammen om sorg - i en juletid 

den 14. december afholder vi et arrangement med fokus på de mere oversete sider af juletiden.

en tid, der traditionelt set er kendetegnet ved at være fyldt med lys, familie og fællesskab, gaver og glade tider. men også en tid, der kan føles som ensom alenetid. som kan føles uoverskuelig, tom og trist, når man har mistet en man elsker, når man mangler én ved middagsbordet.

vi vil gerne belyse denne side af julen - og huske hinanden på, at man ikke er alene, og at sorg er stor kærlighed, selvom det gør ondt. at kærlighed også er de mennesker, der er omkring én, som støtter og trøster og giver. vi vil gerne finde fællesskab i en alenetid. og vi håber, at du vil være med.

arrangementet er i samarbejde med Jeg Plejede At Tro på For Evigt, der vil facilitere en samtale om netop sorg i juletiden. efterfølgende vil der være en fin intimkoncert med dygtige JJonas. i løbet af aftenen vil vi i fællesskab pynte et juletræ med minder og tanker.

vi håber, at vi sammen kan øve os i at turde tale om sorgen.



ER HÅBET LIVE? MUX x Carrie's Going Out | part 2 

The first event took place in May at Café Mellemfolk in Aarhus and consisted of two acts selected through an open call, along with a conversation about the challenges of the music scene's growth at the grassroots level, where we explored the value and legitimacy of smaller live music performances in the midst of various crises. We look forward to showing you what we discussed, so that we can continue the conversation together <3 This time around, we are at Huset CPH and focusing on the music and the new generation of talented artists! From the same open call, we have found three fantastic acts that we are excited for you to listen to, perhaps discover, but certainly experience.

Concerts with Lips Glued, alga and BestBoy x Zoumer 


ER HÅBET LIVE? MUX x Carrie's Going Out

This is the starting point for the question we will delve into when MUX, in collaboration with the Copenhagen based Carrie's Going Out, invite you to the first of two collaborative events on May 18th. Together we will focus on the challenges of the music growth scene in the live industry and explore the value and justification of the narrower live music when the crises are lining up. The event takes place at 19:00 at Café Mellemfolk in Aarhus, where we will present concerts with Orangeri and Anine Björk through an open call.

In addition to the concerts, we also offer a panel debate with participants who all have hearts that beat for cultural life. The panel consists of Anni Nguyen (Aarhus Volume), Camilla Aneto Olesen (Klub22, Det Turkise Telt), Jeppe Hofmeister Berg (Alter Festival, VoxHall) and David Mondrup (Music Council of Aarhus Municipality, performing musician and teacher at The Royal Academy of Music & Engelsholm Højskole). The debate will be moderated by Tilde Margrethe Overbeck Christensen from Carrie's Going Out.


Carrie's Going Out x Another Life x Sexualia: CELEBRATING INTERSECTIONAL FEMINISM

Carrie’s Going Out, Another Life and Sexualia would like to invite you to a celebratory event in occasion of the Women’s Right Day. We’re going to celebrate intersectional equality, but also talk about how we can keep on supporting one another while continuing the fight for equal rights in a mentally sustainable way. Another Life curates and moderates a panel-conversation on the evening, talking about, among other, this aspect. Sexualia curates a beautiful exhibition and Carrie’s Going Out ensures the live music. We hope to see you at Pumpehuset March 9 for an amazing evening – we can’t wait to listen, experience and celebrate together.



This event was focused on merchandise - a production general known to be harmful to the climate. Twelwe young and talented designers took upon the challenge to produce a sustainable alternative to classic merchandise, exemplifying how creating beautiful pieces doesn't have to compromise with creativity and the freedom of expression - in fact, proving just the opposite.

We also had a conversation discussion the sustainable future of the music industry. A conversation aiming to map out deficiencies and gaps, while brainstorming on finding solutions and alternatives for these. We’re talkes about how we can organize us and impact industries, communities and the society we live in to change structures that are harmful to our planet.