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Betty Bass



For Betty, singing is necessary. And singing in her own way. Authenticity is therefore paramount, ensuring the stories she tells are genuine. You can feel her. Betty has something to say and trusts herself. She knows what she wants, and musically, the demand for her own ability is uncompromising. She is diligent and hardworking. And singing is deeply serious to her. Technically, she is unparalleled. Betty possesses an incredible tone built on a precise core wrapped in irresistible air. She is rhythmically very strong and delivers with a captivating, laid-back feeling, typically known only from abroad. And, of course, her pitch is perfect. Her African roots are an important part of her self-understanding, so it's entirely natural that she finds her universe in soul music.

28-year-old Betty Bass is now a seasoned performer, having appeared as a headline act, supported Soleima, and served as a backing singer for Saveus, Kesi, Coco O, JADA, Emma Sehested Høgh, and most recently on Andreas Odbjerg's new album. She has solidified her position in the Danish R&B scene with over 3 million streams on Spotify and an impressive presence on radio stations P3, P4, and The Voice. Betty is ready to take the next step in her musical journey with the spring album release 'Dream Girl'