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Carrie is a young, creative and independent hybrid management, established in 2021 by Arense Elvira Riis Warny and Tilde Margrethe Overbeck Christensen - both of whom had worked in the music industry for severel years and felt the need for a management that would critically examine the industry and do something radically different. It functions as a management, a label and a booking agency.

Through collaborative partnerships with artists and external initiatives, we strive to foster a more spacious and compassionate display of music - both on and off the stage. In Carrie we embody our core values from our Manifesto by incorporating them into every aspect of our work, meaning we operate with following practices -

Inclusive Collaboration 
We actively seek out diversity, meaning we collaborate with artists, communities and organizations who share our commitment to inclusivity and representation.

Open Communication
In our work, we maintain a transparent dialogue, encouraging artists, partners, and collaborators to share their ideas, concerns and aspirations. We value feedback as it allows us to continuously improve our practices.

Safe and Compassionate Spaces

Publishing and creating art can be vulnerable and there’s a constant demand for high productivity in the music industry. That's why we prioritize and provide resources and support for the physical and mental wellbeing of everyone involved.

Our Manifesto serves as a constant reminder of our commitment to the values we support and ensures consistency and integrity in our actions.

We’re located in Kbh K, sharing an office with young and inspiring initiatives at Overgrund in HUSET at Magstræde. If you have any questions concerning Carrie Management or Carrie’s Going Out, send us a mail or come by for a talk. We want to build up all different kinds of events showcasing new talents, so if you are interested in collaborating with us, have ideas you want to share or simply just want to be a part of the Carrie community, please don’t hesitate to reach out.