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Lips Glued



Lips Glued is a new Danish alternative pop group comprised of Benjamin Draad, Mathias Egholt, and Anders Skadhede. The project focuses on the synthesis of the beautiful and the grotesque within the framework of the modern human's hyper-stimulating reality.

Together, they explore the realm between logic and emotional life, the corporeal and the contemplative. Through their music, they strive to intellectualize emotions while remaining present in the music, guided by the theory that there is only a limited amount of mental activity that should be left to the brain. The rest should be felt through the body.

Their debut EP ‘It’s Difficult to Peel Away Your Skin’ features tracks with an inherent musicality that is both enveloped in a mysterious aura and bathed in the light of lush soundscapes, supported by a cinematic atmosphere and a catchy pop momentum. As a listener, you are taken through the changing musical scenarios by lead singer Mathias Egholt's instrument of a theatrical, captivating voice.

The music is experienced through a distinctively produced sound, yet it also allows breathing pauses in the form of a relaxed and free expression.


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