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part time boy



part time boy is a rising shapeshifter from the ashes. they are influenced by animals, computer games, and their developing path as a transgender-non-binary demon. they compose both soft and hard art-hyper-pop through samples both computer generated, and recorded by themselves. Through their compositions they explore love, trauma and childhood memories. Their project is based around keeping the inner child heard and seen. They recreate the playable mind of af child in a grown body, and through that they talk towards the normative discriminatory structures of society. Trying to tear it down, note by note, day by day.

Their textual universe is eager, yet playfull. part time boy is representing different aspects of themselves disguised in caricatures in each song they present. This makes their discography forever exiting, and you’ll never be sure of what’s next. They are asking the audience to be open to their ever-changing world, and of course - ever-changing creatures. Dwell into the waters of part time boy, and explore their brain - their heart hotel is open for visitors.

they are currently studying electronic composition at the danish rhythmic conservatory, working on exploring sounds and internal landscapes towards releasing new music.


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